How do you break the everyday routine and become an athlete?

I think to be an athlete means that even while you are working, you carry the attitude with you, you will consistently have to review your feelings and thought around your everyday routine.

For those who wear a suit jacket, this gives the appearance that you are disciplined, and are self-restrained which is what brings out the coolness inside you. Even in business shoes, or walking shoes. While sweating have a water bottle, and when you do sweat wipe it with a scented wet tissue (do not worry about the smell). Even in a business suit, remember to be very open minded and always have a big smile. In your heart you know, you will always be an athlete. Constantly review your options and consider investing in a treadmill or an elliptical trainer.



Review your diet: Does your diet change?

Do I worry about what you eat normally? For an athlete you must always limit what you eat. This doesn’t meant you limit the amount you eat. It is all for your coolness. For example at a Korean barbecue) restaurant I would order a bibimbap (Korean rice dish), namul (Korean dishes consisting of seasoned vegetables), or something else with mostly vegetables. Protein is limited to tofu, which is very important. We should pursue food with alcohol’s polyphenol which creates the antioxidant effect of red wine and the coolness inside. For me, I add white rise and brown (grain) rice to my meals. Somehow I do not really feel like I am limiting anything, it makes practicing feel good now.



The coolness inside takes time.

It is not just showing off your coolness, so inside your body it will take at lease 2 months. Let’s always pursue the coolness as an athlete. Please review your training options and remember – it takes time. Please consider investing in an elliptical trainer or a treadmill – you need to invest in yourself.



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